Friday, January 22, 2010

this is where you end.

This post is more of an update on the last,
I remembered during the show that girl that has been texting me showing an obvious obsession sent me some whinny message about being paranoid or something, I didn't bother reading the message at the time I was a little annoyed by it, I ignored my phone for the rest of the night. The next day I read the message again and attempted to think of a reply but I gave up partly because I could not think of anything to say and partly because I am just sick of her messaging me telling me about her fears and how lonely she is, everybody got their problems.

Also today I had a nice surprise when I could smell my paint for the first time in a long time, my nose has been blocked since around the end of last year. the smell of oil paint and linseed reminded me of great times during year 12 working on my final pieces late at night when I didn't want to sleep, that’s when I realised how much I enjoyed painting and creating I wanted to do it forever without sleep.

Blast off to Another Dull Day

Daniels big day out..
it was not the greatest gig Philly’s have ever done, in fact it may have been the worst I’ve ever seen (keep in mind I have not seen many)... actually thats probably an overstatment, There was a number of problems; Curtis lost his voice, Dylan’s guitar seemed to be making a funny noise, oh but the problem that exceeded all rest was the fact that they’re still playing the old numbers like ‘doorbell’ and my least favourite song ‘winter’ I think this was the very first song they ever wrote together, they just need to bin it, I cannot get into it nobody can the sound of it reacts like nails on a chalk board to me and it clears a pub like no other.. every time I comment on the shittiness of that song surely enough someone’s around to tell me musically it is excellent and maybe so but that does not change the fact that it is
The bands own Yoko Ono stepped in to defend the song saying everyone ‘loved it’ well they certainly loved it alright, loved it so much the majority left the room.
What did attract the crowd was Curtis’s funky saxophone playing, and who wouldn’t it got the crowd moving.

I slept the night at curt’s new house in a big bed that was not quite long enough and a room that was massive, I woke up before the other two (Curt and Enan) so I sat with his sister and watched mighty boosh.. something I don’t understand, what makes this show funny? I mean really..?
Not too much else has happened today I jammed with the other two, my lack of musical knowledge means I was passed around from bass to drums (I’m self taught) but Enan was impressed by the fact I could play bass and drums. We jammed on ‘money’, ‘time’ and some other song that I didn’t know the name to, I was impressed with my own drum playing its been a long time Anne commented on my drum playing.. my mum said nothing as she walked in to pick me up. Nope instead she punished me because she could not follow the easiest directions in the world. So now she’ll probably be pissed at me for another week for another stupid reason.