Saturday, February 13, 2010

you know how I need you. To beat to a pulp on a Saturday night. oh babe.

Urgh, I should not do as much so I don’t have to write more here.
But I guess this should not turn into a chore.
So anyway,
I guess I better start last week then, so erm I guess Tilly is all that’s really interesting thing that’s happening to me around here? No, its just all I’ve been thinking about; as if she has exploded in my mind and made one darn big mess. Come on you know the feeling.
I was wondering what tilly would think about Saturday night and of paranoid thinking took over, so I thinking ‘yeah its probably just a one time thing’ and ‘why would she even like me? She’ll be bored of me.. she will’ and then ‘Daniel stop thinking about it, its not good not all the more you think of it the more you’ll get attached’
But as it turns out, my paranoid thoughts were all wrong. And starting from Monday she was messaging me, then starting Tuesday she was calling me.. the first two I missed woops.. but its not like I was ignoring her, I mean come on who doesn’t love a girl to give you this attention? But it does make me nervous as if I have to be something more as if I’m not good enough, its is scary and this coupled with the wondering if she actually likes me really is not good for your mind.
She asked me to come with her to this gig on Saturday night (the one just gone), she said that she ‘really want(s) to see (me) this weekend’ so how could/why would I refuse? to see the band ‘Bonja’ a reggae band from Melbourne that busk on chapel street at the ‘Nash’ (national hotel Geelong)
The band was pretty awesome I really enjoyed the music, the guitarist was pretty cool and the percussion section was great and very funky.
I slept with Tilly that night; we stayed talking having a ‘deep and meaningful.’
And now its clear that I shouldn’t be worried at all about her not liking me.
But there’s just something about relationships that are scary and seem pointless, because nothing lasts forever especially not when your 17.
Going on 18 this Tuesday!

So the next day.. Well today. I was driven to Curtis’s place and Tilly went to work. Me and curt hung out talking about Pink Floyd and such; we watched the Floyd concert in Pompeii which is crazy crazy awesome, he gave me my 18th present, he said he couldn’t out do my present or card and I don’t mind.
He had gotten me a DVD of the wall which is very cool I borrowed Tilly’s copy a while back but hadn’t copied it, he also got me some coloured Progresso’s a 12 pack. From the Colac art store, I’d never bought any myself because they were too expensive, I enjoy using Progresso’s.

That is all.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Maggie, What Have We Done...?

It was Curt’s 18th birthday party yesterday, I bet your craving to hear about that aren’t you... you little pervert.
Well I have other stuff to write so you can just hold on.

I forget when, but sometime is the 3 days before the party I bought ‘The Final Cut’ and ‘Pablo Honey’ I enjoy ‘The Final Cut’ better but listening to it, its all got sad war themes throughout it; you probably don’t want to listen to a lot of this album because you’ll end up jumping in a bathtub with a toaster, its is just so depressing its a lot like all the saddest parts of the wall milked out then churned into butter.
I haven’t listen to ‘Pablo Honey’ much at all because I’ve been too court up with ‘The Final Cut’

The Party?
Well it was themed psychedelic hence why I had made the tie dye shirt.
The party went as any old party would.. I guess.
Curt’s house is a big place, shaped in a giant L; we set up amps, guitars and a drum kit outside on the stage and started to ‘jam’ dance and drink.
Seems I am 10 days away from eighteen I cannot buy alcohol and my older brother Steven was kind enough to buy some for me... This is very rare.
So the night went as per usual, till about half the way through the night the weirdest thing happened.
I think I have mentioned a girl called ‘Tilly’ in this blog before? Yeah, she is Curt’s ex and a good friend, but that’s all I really regarded her as. I didn’t feel any really attraction to her and I thought that the male and females being friends without taking it further could work, turns out I was wrong.
Way wrong.
Because somehow we ended up running off and making out then spending the night sleeping together
I certainly didn’t expect any of it to happen.
But I’m glad it did.

I know one thing is for sure,
I Hate Goon.

Now if you don’t mind I’m going to have a shower and a sleep.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Through the Window on the Wall

Well, it’s been a while now since I’ve updated this.
You want to know why?
Even if you don’t I’m still going to tell you, cause this is my blog and you’re in my world now.
The reason I have not posted in a while is because I’ve been feeling down, even now I feel fed up. It’s all the work every day with no days off and the heat! I hate this weather, and worse I can’t work in my room because it’s disconnected from the house and is un air-conditioned.

So I made a card for Curtis’s birthday, is that a 7 yr old thing to do? Who cares, I put an old drawing and water color painting of a exploding light bulb on the front, well my mother was impressed.. that sound lame.. and her friend said she like it and that I could go into card making, I thought that would not be that bad but, i have no idea how to do that; anyhow I’m proud of this card.
I forget what day that was, I’ve lost track of days.. I think that was Sunday

Monday.. I just did work? Actually yeah, my siblings had all gone back to school so I was getting all this extra work, and then still on top of that mum got pissed at me for not being home to help her fill out this form on the internet which seems to happen every 2 weeks and I’m sick of it.

Tuesday, after helping dad stand up a cow at the dairy, where the ground becomes slippery from the built up poop etc; and a few more other things, I thought I might like to go for a long walk next door again. I spend most the day walking around the bush at the bottom of the property next to us. The heat was almost unbearable and I got to the point where I was getting head spins and just wandering around not sure what was going on, so I took off my shirt and shoes and rested under some pine trees I headed home after that. Maybe it was a awful day out but I feel better because of it; I don’t care if all I saw was one stinking rabbit, I don’t care if I almost got burned by the sun at least I wasn’t at home.

Then Today, I did the usual stuff on the farm. Plus two tie-dye shirts, I messed up the first one so I put it into a purple mixture, the other is white with a burst of color in the middle at the front.
That is all. Good day.