Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Boxes

soon soon, soon i'll be outa my home. for the first time in about 3 weeks. yes, thats my life a crappy stuck at home life.
where am i going?
in half an hour i'll get a ride 'round to my friend Tilly (Matilda)'s house then its off to the 'nash' (national hotel of geelong) where my friends band 'Phillys and the Crab People' are playing tonight, me and this band have a rich and long history, i've been with this band since it was no band. infact i created the name of this band plus some stencils and random arty stuff. i havn't heard them live in some time, i'm fairly sure they have written some new stuff apparently 'bluesy' their usual genre is indie rock. they have a cd in the mix they're saving up to have it produced or something.
what else have i done today? i did some fiddling around in flash creating some productions, then surfed newgrounds to look at others i have submitted, its been over a year since i've put anything up-then i realised what the hell am i doing? creating animations is about the most time consuming thing i know and besides i get sick of anything i am working on really quick or its just too hard to get a good idea to start with, besides if i do add anything i think may be alright it'll get a very bad rating and everyone ussually baggs the shit out of it?
so i got up and started working on a painting i started yesterday something which usualy gets great reviews.
i like this painting i hope i dont lose interest in it like others i've started.
i'll explain it maybe another time.
i've been asked to little at all today, just feed the carves. i saw a dead one in a pen really skinny ribcage bones showing eyes rolled back tounge hanging out, the kind of stuff i've seen many times before on this farm
well got to go. (sorry about any spelling)

In the Beginning

So this is blog land, what are the benefits of starting a blog? Should I even start one? My feelings on the subject is that my life is too boring for any poor soul to waste minutes of the day reading, if in fact anyone reads this blog at all.

Its probably not so much a thrill of exciting and entertaining a group of ready readers that brings me to this, but more so perhaps the chance of expressing and sharing life that goes un noticed as if it is more worth while now, umm what I mean to say is that I will have a chance to express the thoughts that go unheard in my life here. So hey how about a little insight to me? Only very young finished school and this year going to Ballarat uni.. although I feel funny about the whole thing because you see I’m doing a visual arts TAFE course that leads onto the degree course ergh I could go on but its-don’t worry. Anyhow what else is going on in my life?

Oh right there’s a girl.. I don’t like her much, she was alright to make out with and what not at a couple of parties toward the end of last year… but now, now she is just getting annoying, constant text messages that now I’m just ignoring all that lovely kind of childish crap, I could never let myself get into a relationship with her.. and its bad enough I let it get as far as it has, of course I don’t want to be a bastard and tell her to go away… but is it more of a bastard just to slowly push her away and while her backs turned run?

Who knows, I’m hardly been true to her I spent the coming of the new year with another girl younger much nicer one, both wasted leaning on each other making a mess of saliva on each others faces under the full moon, sleeping a arm lost under her waking up with it aching… yeah, a climax for the year gone. A big year finishing yr12 and all that, A lot of firsts happened last year.. and a lot of lasts. Oh! I know something I must tell, one thing I am very proud of is the climax I finished my schooling years with… but wait maybe another time..
wow longer then i thought i could make one.. but is it interesting..?