Monday, June 21, 2010

And you run and you run to catch up with the sun,

It’s been a while since my last blog, a long while I guess. I stopped posting and change this blog to private for a little while because we created blogs in digital imaging and I didn't want to reveal all my dirty secrets..

Anyhoo, ummm... a bit has happened since my last post... I can’t really remember what needs to be said though.
There’s an alcohol ban on res at the moment it goes for a whole month, nobody follows it though, and in fact I’m drinking right now.
a few weeks ago there was a Res meeting thing, Raj (our RA) told us that we had had an room inspection, apparently my room was fine, but he read off a list of things that was not acceptable in our rooms things like 'rotting food, unclean dishes, empty alcohol bottles, rubbish, dirty clothing, general mess' and I swear every single thing he said was Darren’s room. Ha. I don’t think I’ve written yet, but one day Darren woke up in the hallway with a blow-up doll, another day I was talking to him and he told me about this old guy that took him home while he was wasted and gave him heaps of booze then offered to perform sexual acts upon him. Darren apparently played some punk music kicked over his TV. Drank all his booze and left. Apparently idk how much of what Darren says you can trust.

Class is going ok.. Except maybe for business.

I bought tame impala's album 'inner speaker' I do like their sound, but I think they may take a bit of getting use to some songs can sometimes grind my gears if I’m not in the mood, but overall it has a good psychedelic feel to it, also the cover art is worth a mention although I don’t think it really relates to the music.

I went to an opening at space 22, Dan Kelly-idk if I wrote about my meeting with him on here?-do anyhow, there were some pretty good collages that he had made there, the paintings were alright but nothing very impressive or extra extraordinary.
While I was there this old guy kept talking to me and asking me to come back to his place to see all his paintings.. He does ti-chi. a good thing did come of it though, he introduced me to a guy about the same age as me named 'Casey' and after the show we went to some jazzy/bluesy/arty lounge place and chatted for a long while, t'was good.

Arun taught me how to make Indian food, it’s pretty awesome stuff.

Last week on Thursday night I finished classes,
I also went out this night and did mushrooms. With Darren and a bunch of girls from camp street. I must say it was the most fun I had ever had while high, it’s not like pot, you don’t get all tense and non-social I just felt really happy an really had some fun. Saw allot of patterns and colours and when the music played it didn't take hold of you like it does on pot, you have allot of control. Eventually we were all in one room laying on a bed looking at a light that was changing colours and dancing around. Or just closing our eyes, it felt allot like something from the sixties. At about half past one I left, apparently sometime after I left everybody started stripping of and rubbing on each other. The walk home was fun; I could hear car noises and people yelling echoing down the street. The whole experience was pretty much exactly like a sixties song like 'the end' by the doors.
Tilly was angry again but forgave me. I shouldn't do this sort of stuff idk what I’m going to do when a situation arises like this again.

Everything’s going pretty well with Tilly, don’t want to ruin it.
Well I’m an alright boy friend I write her nice letters all the time.