Sunday, March 14, 2010

Now wakes the Owl, Now sleeps the Swan.

I wasn’t going to go home for the week end but as it turns out I had to because of an orthodontist appointment, but I don’t mind because going home means I can visit tilly.
I went and bought a new pair of jeans on Friday a black skinny pair, but while trying them on my phone slipped from my pocket and hit a polished concrete floor breaking something inside of it and now all that shows up on screen is two pink lines. But it’s ok now because I replaced it when I got back to Colac, it’s all good except I lost all my sexy messages Tilly had sent me.

I slept ok that night and awoke to find a series of drunken txt’s from Tilly containing flattering messages about my.. Body..
Saturday was a wonderful day, I and Tilly spent the day kissing and touching each other’s belly and nibbling each other’s ears body’s tingling with delight.
She also said she ‘loved’ me for the first time, I said I didn’t know what love is but this is the closest thing I’ve ever felt, I said I loved being with her, touching her and making her happy.

But nothing lasts forever and now I’m back in Ballarat a bit of a loner.
But I like that.