Monday, January 25, 2010

Stop Children Whats That Smell?

Hey ho, what a fantastical Australia day this has been, not really that was a lie. Same old days, I’m certainly getting sick of the never ending farm work, I mean it wouldn’t be too bad if I was getting paid.. or even got a thanks.

Australia Day (Made in China)

I’ve been listening a lot to Barrett seems the CD’s I ordered finally got here, I’ve heard all the songs before but well now I finally own all of them. Before yesterday and today I was listening a lot to Radiohead and Barrett is a great contrast, for whereas Radiohead would have scrutinised every song, Barrett’s albums just sound as if he has just thrown all the pieces finished or not together in a jumble, the albums seems to have equal hits and misses and while listening to the intolerable misses it makes you feel as if you too are going insane.
But none of his post Floyd stuff was ever as good as Piper, there was never anything again near that standard its kind of sad. That album really is a great first album, I think It would have to be my favourite ever but I’m not sure.

Whenever I cannot find something to do around the house I grab dads old gun (a 22) and go hunting. We have two blue gum plantations on ether side of our farm so its not a long walk to find anything, I had all the time in the world to waste so I decided to got further into the plantation then ever before. The plantations are set out like a leaf with a main path down the center then and the rows of the trees spreading out away from that, so to find kangaroos or wallabies I simply walk down the center path looking left and right down the rows for and sign of wildlife, this was not really working seems the rows were filled with weeds, and as I had found out another time while trying to get closer to a wallaby, Spiders. This made moving down a row very slow, annoying and not worth the effort. I followed the path till it met another that went off to the right towards our farm I followed that till I came to a small kind of creek with scrub growing in and around in the middle of the plantation. I had walk a long way and still had not seen a thing odd, I walked around the creek well.. Its not really a creek I don’t know what to call it, its just a little… drain? Anyhow so I followed it around the edge till I had gone right around the top point and was on the side opposite to where I started, it was a perfect area for wildlife to be yet I had seen none.. I decided to go home when a black rabbit ran out.. and well. Yeah.
Even though I walked a long way for nothing really I did enjoy my trip I have my sense of smell back so I could smell that old ecliptic smell of the bush.. and in some spots the smell of rotting corpse.
Walking home I came across the strangest sight, at first I thought I was hallucinating I was walking across the paddock hoe when ahead I saw a bunch of young men running around a dam in their underwear, not my ideal fantasy, it turns out my cousin and a few friends just decided it would be ok if they swam in our dam.. and also for some reason they had a duck.

a Duck?