Friday, January 29, 2010

Every day is the right day.

On the 22nd of February I will be starting my first day of visual arts at UB.
Yesterday I went to my enrolment, it all went well.. Only I was annoyed that my mum had not taken in any of the information I had told her about the course.
The enrolment did not take too long, it was over before midday, what did take longer was jumping around all over the campus’s searching for the accommodation organisers. So mid next week I should get an offer for that.
The building I put down was the cheapest, it’s a big ol’ brick mansion two story pretty cool. It’s a 10 min walk from the camp street campus where I will be attending my classes.

I have been invited to the curt’s 18th, curt is about the closest thing I have to a best friend, I realised last year that ever since Hayden my old friend left for brazil in yr 10, I’ve been just surfing around into different groups not really being great friends with everyone, not really having an opinion on anything, just quietly working away on my art in the corner of the room, and I liked that because every one thought I was crazy, I even chucked a few twitches in just to keep them on their toes, I liked feeling that I was mysterious and I was left alone. That may be the reason i stray away from really wanting a 'girlfriend' but also just because i cant she a relationship working with anyone I know. What’s wrong with being on my own, I like it. Sex does seem like a scary thing, who wants that responsibility.
Mostly this year I hung with Curtis, who is a musician and likes mostly the same music as me. He can play something like 15 different instruments, he is the rhythm guitarist and lead singer for that band ‘Phillys and the crab people’ I was jealous of his music ability and he was jealous of my artistic ability so everything was even.
I’m looking forward to the party, its overnight at his place only I don’t have a tent...

Hillary has commented on my BookFace, every now and again she asks for a update on my life, i think this is because I told her last year she would loose interest in me in a few weeks, she is persistent and I feel that she only asks for these updates because i said that. but still its nice to have someone who is like that.

Reading Peters blog brings back my old annoyance that everywhere toilets have pull handles on the inside, I hate that I always have. But maybe I’m just a clean freak?

Today I bought the album ‘meddle’ and so far I think it is awesome. But sitting here listening to it... I’m not sure... But is it normal to be feeling like your spinning tumbling into space? Well, it’s nice so I don’t care if its not normal or not.
I also got a hair cut today so it will be looking alright for uni, or so says my mum. But I’ve always bee scared of having a hair cut, this comes because when I was a child my mum would always shave my hair right back every holidays, and I hated it and now because of it I feel very self conscious about my hair and such.
And I guess when I think about it, it doesn’t look that bad right now.
Does it?