Saturday, March 20, 2010

stop and say hello

I didn’t go back home again his weekend, I decided to stay here and catch up on home work.
This meaning I will not see my Matilda for another week, but the separating is good cause I’m starting to realise how much I really do love being with her.

There was some party on Friday; Else, Rachel and Adams drama friends invited them to. I wasn’t going out till they invited Darren, matt, Chris and me along too.
The party was French themed and seems it was a drama party everyone dressed up and for a while Darren, matt, Chris and me felt a little out of place... well, that was until everyone got drunk. I finished off what was left of my Smirnoff and half another little bottle in the first hour, so I was pretty darn good for the rest of the night.
The party was better than we expected it to be at the start of the night, apparently according to else my dancing was wicked cool, anyhow I got on the smokes again and me and Darren had a go on a joint, but I was much too drunk to feel the effects... Although it did make it harder to stand.
I should be careful on that shit though it hasn’t gone down well in the past.

So the next morning I had one of my worst hangovers ever, I actually got a head ache this time, usually I prepare the night before and drink allot of water. Kinda funny though, spewing out the window of my 2nd story room
From now on I’ll cut down on the amount. It’s not the best the next morning, no matter how wicked cool I was dancing.