Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Where have you been? It's alright we know where you've been, You've been in the pipeline filling in time.

The past few weeks have been weird I can’t really be bothered with all of it so just important things,
Me and Tilly went through 2 rough times
The first happened while I was at a party; I forgot what night it was...
anyhow, we started partying here on res until mid night or something when we travelled out to a party at north tower on the camp street campus, where it seems Darren brought a bud off his plant back home.. And I did have quite a bit.
And shit did I get high, getting high really isn’t fun. Well not for me, for me it’s just scary I get all paranoid. This time I was getting paranoid about not getting home, for the mean time I sat on the couch where the music was so loud it was shaking my whole world and for a little while I was shooting through space and trying to get off whatever was making my back so itchy. Then when somebody asked if we wanted to go home I got so excited, I really wanted to get home so bad. so we left the building and then while I was walking down some concrete stairs outside the building and my shadow was cast in front of me; I had this big black jacket on and for some reason while I’m like that I pretend to be different characters this time I was "secret agent Daniel, from the CIA" the fantasy in my head had ended by the time I got to the bottom. In the car (which was particularly shinny) on the ride home I said to the passenger Rhys on my right "buckle up, Buckeroo!" and also "let there be green lights and we did get green lights all the way home. at 3 am Adam walked past my room and heard music playing, I was tripping balls, luckily I didn't get very paranoid not the first time I had done it, when I heard voices.
Music is quite good, the best probably. Except for hip-hop because that shit burns.
And Tilly got very angry at me; I apologized and said I will not do it again, which I will not because I just spend all my time trying not to freak out. She forgave me.
Darren since as offered me shrooms and acid, I have declined both of them.

The week after that Tilly and I had a pregnancy scare which was horrible and just left me feeling sick. I plan never to let that happen again. I rather not talk about it.

But everything between her and me is heaps good, except for the fact that I never see her.
And class is going good, getting better every day I think.

Also I bought an eclectic guitar to mess around on; it’s good to unwind on.