Saturday, March 6, 2010

Certainly no Turnip.

Well, how long has it been now? 2 weeks since my last blog.
I'm not going to bother apologising to you, I have has no time to write anything plus I can even access the internet at Uni. but it’s ok now that I have a laptop.

Yes so I started uni.
it all started just 2-3 weeks ago, I moved into accommodation at Vic street which is about 20-15 mins walk to camp street campus where I got to school.
so I moved in on the Friday night and throughout the weekend the accommodation provides this O-weekend kind of experience for first years, so we were doing all those annoying getting to know you games for a couple days, slowly getting more and more impatient with the annoying "R.A"'s because you see they're all like "come on GUYS get up and play some games! yay this is fun!! yAY!!" ugh go away, one thing that was annoying the first week was sunburn.
anyhow, we also did other fun things like go-karts, dodge ball and lazor force.
hey why'll I’m on the topic of people that really grind my gears at lazor force we got a chance to meet people from other res's and what’s annoying is apparently Ballarat has a great PE course so there’s about a hundred sex brained dirty talking arrogant fucking jock douches, ugh i just cannot stand being around them you know how they're always taking like "THAT CHICK IS SO HOT!!! oh! LETS GO RUN, YEEAH!!" i hate that.

class is good, i never really had a O-week because there is a lot of mature aged students in my class and they don’t want a O-week. so for me it was straight into it. which is a lot different to all my house mates who were getting home at different times and got free movie tickets and all this, so i kinda felt like more like a loner, but I kinda like that.
I like being the outsider arty guy.

I’ll tell you a little about my house mates:
Adam: a English man who lives in Australia, his fairly funny , loud, never stops talking, his course is Acting . his a nice guy and i seem to get along with him alright.
Arun: a Indian student who came to Australia 6 months ago, sharing a room with Adam. in the first week me and him talked lots about everything from India to females. I sometimes find it hard to understand what he is saying though and sometimes he can just drag on talking about something. But his a nice enough man. he is studying Engineering and i must say he works very hard.

Reece: a really quiet computer orientated guy who likes motor bikes, I feel I can kind of relate to him, his slowly coming out of his shell.

Chris: my room mate, his doing a apprentice for engendering so he can get into the air force. Something over his side of the room smells though and he swears too much.

Elsie: a loud drama girl

Mel: a quiet girl studying writing or something, she is nice approachable easy to talk to.

And there is more but I cant be bothered.

I’ve been having very strong cravings to join a band or something I’d love to create music and things. But I don’t think its going to happen, I mean I could sing like Jim Morrison or Kurt Cobain, but I don’t really know any music friends. So it’ll just remain my dream for now.
so one things for sure this is certainly no Turnip.