Saturday, February 6, 2010

Maggie, What Have We Done...?

It was Curt’s 18th birthday party yesterday, I bet your craving to hear about that aren’t you... you little pervert.
Well I have other stuff to write so you can just hold on.

I forget when, but sometime is the 3 days before the party I bought ‘The Final Cut’ and ‘Pablo Honey’ I enjoy ‘The Final Cut’ better but listening to it, its all got sad war themes throughout it; you probably don’t want to listen to a lot of this album because you’ll end up jumping in a bathtub with a toaster, its is just so depressing its a lot like all the saddest parts of the wall milked out then churned into butter.
I haven’t listen to ‘Pablo Honey’ much at all because I’ve been too court up with ‘The Final Cut’

The Party?
Well it was themed psychedelic hence why I had made the tie dye shirt.
The party went as any old party would.. I guess.
Curt’s house is a big place, shaped in a giant L; we set up amps, guitars and a drum kit outside on the stage and started to ‘jam’ dance and drink.
Seems I am 10 days away from eighteen I cannot buy alcohol and my older brother Steven was kind enough to buy some for me... This is very rare.
So the night went as per usual, till about half the way through the night the weirdest thing happened.
I think I have mentioned a girl called ‘Tilly’ in this blog before? Yeah, she is Curt’s ex and a good friend, but that’s all I really regarded her as. I didn’t feel any really attraction to her and I thought that the male and females being friends without taking it further could work, turns out I was wrong.
Way wrong.
Because somehow we ended up running off and making out then spending the night sleeping together
I certainly didn’t expect any of it to happen.
But I’m glad it did.

I know one thing is for sure,
I Hate Goon.

Now if you don’t mind I’m going to have a shower and a sleep.