Wednesday, March 10, 2010

But Gravity always wins.

The weekend was Tilly’s 18th birthday party; after Wednesday’s incident I decided that it was probably best not to drink very much if at all.
I did end up drinking we had a punch there and I drank allot of it but all the alcohol I drank all night had no effect whatsoever but I’m not complaining, because I didn’t pay for any of it alcohols much too expensive.
The party was a rocky horror themed and I went as brad when I where the same glasses and comb my hair to the side I look allot alike him.
there was allot of 'rookie' yr 12 drunks there, the night was kinda funny except for my friend Curtis being very depressed, he was not drinking because he had patrol in the morning so instead he just sulked in the corner, sure you don’t have to drink but that does not mean you can’t have fun.
I didn’t talk to tilly very much throughout the night because she was too busy greeting people, but we did run off to make out every so often and that night after the majority of people went to bed me and tilly also did so, I didn't get much sleep though.

When you don’t see each other for 2 weeks there is certainly allot of energy that builds up and then when it’s released.

I call Tilly my beautiful apricot baby because that’s what I called her once while I was drunk, drunken Daniel is such a charmer.

The next day I spent more time alone with Tilly, there was one really beautiful moment when we were laying in the sun on an old couch in each other’s arms going through old love messages we had sent to each other.
But then I had to leave, so I kissed her good bye and Steven drove me home.

She sent me a picture of her I have on my home, its allot like an older one of her I have but on her hand instead of saying 'I miss you' it says 'I want u!'
Some of it’s a bit hard to explain, especially when you sleepy like I am.
Why am I sleepy?
Because my room mate Chris gets drunk every night.
It’s kinda funny though, but he swears allot and gives me garbage bags while I’m in the shower.