Thursday, March 18, 2010


My roommate bought an eclectic guitar, this has made him allot cooler,
Anyhow classes continued as normal this week, me finding myself more and more bored and lonely. Although I have been talking a bit with a kid from my class ‘cane’, and it was nice to sit with Adam and else to have lunch one day this week, but this will not be a regular occurrence seems their lunch breaks are at different times and what not.

Me and cane decided to go into this funny Japanese/Korean store on.. yesterday so they had lots of foren things in there and I say hey, I’m going to buy the weirdest looking drink here.
A green one with little bits floating in it, resembles swamp water.
I drank half of it, the taste isn’t too bad it just the floaty bits make you gag.

Yesterday was also Rhys's birthday and St Patricks day, so I went and bought a bottle of Smirnoff, then with the bottle hidden inside my jacket we hit the town.
We went to some pub I don’t know the name of it costed 4 dollars to get in and you get 2 free pots... or wine. I was mixing my Smirnoff but then decided it was better straight, not the best thing to do.
So the night was like any on the town I guess, fairly crap, loud music, sleazy guys and slutty girls.
It was this flirt night thing they gave us a number when we walked in and you could write messages to other numbers or something, but Daniel didn’t play this silly game cause Daniel has a girl friend.
I hung with Darren most of the night, his a cool bloke. Drinks allot, has done his share of drugs, smokes allot too, so I smoked quite allot.
Anyhow, I’m not sure what time it was but the others had gone home and it was just me and Darren for a bit, until I thought it to be too late to stay out with class tomorrow. So at something like 1 in the morning I walk home completely smashed,
With no keys to the house.
I was thinking the whole way that the door would be locked,
And it was, front door and back door both locked. So I thought hey the kitchen window is usually open! So I ran around to the kitchen window and tried my hardest to open it, it didn’t budge... but the widow next to that was open... that someone’s room. ‘Agi’ or something like that lives there, his another Indian. I knocked about 4 times but no one answered so I opened up the window and jumped straight in and fell strait on my face on his bed, a little disorientated I slide off his bed onto the floor, the room was pitch black, except for one line of light shinning from under the door, I crawl across the door toward my goal. I had made it back.
So today I had class at the art gallery, still pretty good even with a hangover