Tuesday, March 9, 2010

King you shall be one if you wish, look for your queen.

So, I have a bit of updating it seems,
Last Saturday I went to Tilly’s and gave her a handmade card and some cd’s I got my brother to burn seems I was away at uni. She told me she loved the card and that I had written things no one have ever said to her before, I especially like the last line which went a little something like this ‘I hope you feel as pretty and beautiful as you are’
Such a charmer.
So that day while spooning tilly I said something about us not officially being together and she asked me if I was going to ask her I said maybe to which she replied ‘Danny, will you be my boyfriend?’ I said I would and much love making was made.

The week went on I went back to Ballarat and tilly txt’d me every day saying she misses me muchly which is always a great thing to read when you’re feeling alone up here in cold cold Ballarat.
Tuesday arrived and one of the house mates here ‘Adam’ the English man was celebrating his birthday, a few of us put in 6 dollars for some rum, and we all got very happy perhaps a little too happy, so happy that I forgot that I was on antibiotics..
For which I paid for the next day.
I spewed up twice in the morning on Wednesday, then went to class I had sculpture but had to leave at about 11 o’clock because I spewed again.
Then I made the hard journey home...
Spewing into the drain every 50 metres it took me an hour to walk a 20 min walk.
It was bad a few people asked if I was ok, but they were usually males and alone and I mean come on?? Here I was spewing up bile and they are asking me if I was ok.
I crawled down a major street with strangers just ignoring me and walking by thinking I was on drugs or something. I spewed into a pot plant in front of quite a few people no one helped.
I asked some for a ride but got none.
At one stage I was spewing up outside a school the principal asked if I was going home to my mum, I shook my head; my mum’s an hour and a half away.
Wow I was bad.
There was a bit of a trail left by me, but I got home alright just a bit dirty from crawling. Had a sleep and I was ok?
I’m still behind I’ll do another update later.