Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ginger, ginger, Jennifer Gentle you're a witch.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

stop and say hello

I didn’t go back home again his weekend, I decided to stay here and catch up on home work.
This meaning I will not see my Matilda for another week, but the separating is good cause I’m starting to realise how much I really do love being with her.

There was some party on Friday; Else, Rachel and Adams drama friends invited them to. I wasn’t going out till they invited Darren, matt, Chris and me along too.
The party was French themed and seems it was a drama party everyone dressed up and for a while Darren, matt, Chris and me felt a little out of place... well, that was until everyone got drunk. I finished off what was left of my Smirnoff and half another little bottle in the first hour, so I was pretty darn good for the rest of the night.
The party was better than we expected it to be at the start of the night, apparently according to else my dancing was wicked cool, anyhow I got on the smokes again and me and Darren had a go on a joint, but I was much too drunk to feel the effects... Although it did make it harder to stand.
I should be careful on that shit though it hasn’t gone down well in the past.

So the next morning I had one of my worst hangovers ever, I actually got a head ache this time, usually I prepare the night before and drink allot of water. Kinda funny though, spewing out the window of my 2nd story room
From now on I’ll cut down on the amount. It’s not the best the next morning, no matter how wicked cool I was dancing.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


My roommate bought an eclectic guitar, this has made him allot cooler,
Anyhow classes continued as normal this week, me finding myself more and more bored and lonely. Although I have been talking a bit with a kid from my class ‘cane’, and it was nice to sit with Adam and else to have lunch one day this week, but this will not be a regular occurrence seems their lunch breaks are at different times and what not.

Me and cane decided to go into this funny Japanese/Korean store on.. yesterday so they had lots of foren things in there and I say hey, I’m going to buy the weirdest looking drink here.
A green one with little bits floating in it, resembles swamp water.
I drank half of it, the taste isn’t too bad it just the floaty bits make you gag.

Yesterday was also Rhys's birthday and St Patricks day, so I went and bought a bottle of Smirnoff, then with the bottle hidden inside my jacket we hit the town.
We went to some pub I don’t know the name of it costed 4 dollars to get in and you get 2 free pots... or wine. I was mixing my Smirnoff but then decided it was better straight, not the best thing to do.
So the night was like any on the town I guess, fairly crap, loud music, sleazy guys and slutty girls.
It was this flirt night thing they gave us a number when we walked in and you could write messages to other numbers or something, but Daniel didn’t play this silly game cause Daniel has a girl friend.
I hung with Darren most of the night, his a cool bloke. Drinks allot, has done his share of drugs, smokes allot too, so I smoked quite allot.
Anyhow, I’m not sure what time it was but the others had gone home and it was just me and Darren for a bit, until I thought it to be too late to stay out with class tomorrow. So at something like 1 in the morning I walk home completely smashed,
With no keys to the house.
I was thinking the whole way that the door would be locked,
And it was, front door and back door both locked. So I thought hey the kitchen window is usually open! So I ran around to the kitchen window and tried my hardest to open it, it didn’t budge... but the widow next to that was open... that someone’s room. ‘Agi’ or something like that lives there, his another Indian. I knocked about 4 times but no one answered so I opened up the window and jumped straight in and fell strait on my face on his bed, a little disorientated I slide off his bed onto the floor, the room was pitch black, except for one line of light shinning from under the door, I crawl across the door toward my goal. I had made it back.
So today I had class at the art gallery, still pretty good even with a hangover

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Now wakes the Owl, Now sleeps the Swan.

I wasn’t going to go home for the week end but as it turns out I had to because of an orthodontist appointment, but I don’t mind because going home means I can visit tilly.
I went and bought a new pair of jeans on Friday a black skinny pair, but while trying them on my phone slipped from my pocket and hit a polished concrete floor breaking something inside of it and now all that shows up on screen is two pink lines. But it’s ok now because I replaced it when I got back to Colac, it’s all good except I lost all my sexy messages Tilly had sent me.

I slept ok that night and awoke to find a series of drunken txt’s from Tilly containing flattering messages about my.. Body..
Saturday was a wonderful day, I and Tilly spent the day kissing and touching each other’s belly and nibbling each other’s ears body’s tingling with delight.
She also said she ‘loved’ me for the first time, I said I didn’t know what love is but this is the closest thing I’ve ever felt, I said I loved being with her, touching her and making her happy.

But nothing lasts forever and now I’m back in Ballarat a bit of a loner.
But I like that.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

But Gravity always wins.

The weekend was Tilly’s 18th birthday party; after Wednesday’s incident I decided that it was probably best not to drink very much if at all.
I did end up drinking we had a punch there and I drank allot of it but all the alcohol I drank all night had no effect whatsoever but I’m not complaining, because I didn’t pay for any of it alcohols much too expensive.
The party was a rocky horror themed and I went as brad when I where the same glasses and comb my hair to the side I look allot alike him.
there was allot of 'rookie' yr 12 drunks there, the night was kinda funny except for my friend Curtis being very depressed, he was not drinking because he had patrol in the morning so instead he just sulked in the corner, sure you don’t have to drink but that does not mean you can’t have fun.
I didn’t talk to tilly very much throughout the night because she was too busy greeting people, but we did run off to make out every so often and that night after the majority of people went to bed me and tilly also did so, I didn't get much sleep though.

When you don’t see each other for 2 weeks there is certainly allot of energy that builds up and then when it’s released.

I call Tilly my beautiful apricot baby because that’s what I called her once while I was drunk, drunken Daniel is such a charmer.

The next day I spent more time alone with Tilly, there was one really beautiful moment when we were laying in the sun on an old couch in each other’s arms going through old love messages we had sent to each other.
But then I had to leave, so I kissed her good bye and Steven drove me home.

She sent me a picture of her I have on my home, its allot like an older one of her I have but on her hand instead of saying 'I miss you' it says 'I want u!'
Some of it’s a bit hard to explain, especially when you sleepy like I am.
Why am I sleepy?
Because my room mate Chris gets drunk every night.
It’s kinda funny though, but he swears allot and gives me garbage bags while I’m in the shower.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

King you shall be one if you wish, look for your queen.

So, I have a bit of updating it seems,
Last Saturday I went to Tilly’s and gave her a handmade card and some cd’s I got my brother to burn seems I was away at uni. She told me she loved the card and that I had written things no one have ever said to her before, I especially like the last line which went a little something like this ‘I hope you feel as pretty and beautiful as you are’
Such a charmer.
So that day while spooning tilly I said something about us not officially being together and she asked me if I was going to ask her I said maybe to which she replied ‘Danny, will you be my boyfriend?’ I said I would and much love making was made.

The week went on I went back to Ballarat and tilly txt’d me every day saying she misses me muchly which is always a great thing to read when you’re feeling alone up here in cold cold Ballarat.
Tuesday arrived and one of the house mates here ‘Adam’ the English man was celebrating his birthday, a few of us put in 6 dollars for some rum, and we all got very happy perhaps a little too happy, so happy that I forgot that I was on antibiotics..
For which I paid for the next day.
I spewed up twice in the morning on Wednesday, then went to class I had sculpture but had to leave at about 11 o’clock because I spewed again.
Then I made the hard journey home...
Spewing into the drain every 50 metres it took me an hour to walk a 20 min walk.
It was bad a few people asked if I was ok, but they were usually males and alone and I mean come on?? Here I was spewing up bile and they are asking me if I was ok.
I crawled down a major street with strangers just ignoring me and walking by thinking I was on drugs or something. I spewed into a pot plant in front of quite a few people no one helped.
I asked some for a ride but got none.
At one stage I was spewing up outside a school the principal asked if I was going home to my mum, I shook my head; my mum’s an hour and a half away.
Wow I was bad.
There was a bit of a trail left by me, but I got home alright just a bit dirty from crawling. Had a sleep and I was ok?
I’m still behind I’ll do another update later.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Certainly no Turnip.

Well, how long has it been now? 2 weeks since my last blog.
I'm not going to bother apologising to you, I have has no time to write anything plus I can even access the internet at Uni. but it’s ok now that I have a laptop.

Yes so I started uni.
it all started just 2-3 weeks ago, I moved into accommodation at Vic street which is about 20-15 mins walk to camp street campus where I got to school.
so I moved in on the Friday night and throughout the weekend the accommodation provides this O-weekend kind of experience for first years, so we were doing all those annoying getting to know you games for a couple days, slowly getting more and more impatient with the annoying "R.A"'s because you see they're all like "come on GUYS get up and play some games! yay this is fun!! yAY!!" ugh go away, one thing that was annoying the first week was sunburn.
anyhow, we also did other fun things like go-karts, dodge ball and lazor force.
hey why'll I’m on the topic of people that really grind my gears at lazor force we got a chance to meet people from other res's and what’s annoying is apparently Ballarat has a great PE course so there’s about a hundred sex brained dirty talking arrogant fucking jock douches, ugh i just cannot stand being around them you know how they're always taking like "THAT CHICK IS SO HOT!!! oh! LETS GO RUN, YEEAH!!" i hate that.

class is good, i never really had a O-week because there is a lot of mature aged students in my class and they don’t want a O-week. so for me it was straight into it. which is a lot different to all my house mates who were getting home at different times and got free movie tickets and all this, so i kinda felt like more like a loner, but I kinda like that.
I like being the outsider arty guy.

I’ll tell you a little about my house mates:
Adam: a English man who lives in Australia, his fairly funny , loud, never stops talking, his course is Acting . his a nice guy and i seem to get along with him alright.
Arun: a Indian student who came to Australia 6 months ago, sharing a room with Adam. in the first week me and him talked lots about everything from India to females. I sometimes find it hard to understand what he is saying though and sometimes he can just drag on talking about something. But his a nice enough man. he is studying Engineering and i must say he works very hard.

Reece: a really quiet computer orientated guy who likes motor bikes, I feel I can kind of relate to him, his slowly coming out of his shell.

Chris: my room mate, his doing a apprentice for engendering so he can get into the air force. Something over his side of the room smells though and he swears too much.

Elsie: a loud drama girl

Mel: a quiet girl studying writing or something, she is nice approachable easy to talk to.

And there is more but I cant be bothered.

I’ve been having very strong cravings to join a band or something I’d love to create music and things. But I don’t think its going to happen, I mean I could sing like Jim Morrison or Kurt Cobain, but I don’t really know any music friends. So it’ll just remain my dream for now.
so one things for sure this is certainly no Turnip.